• This is the Privacy Policy for Bizards Solutions Pvt Ltd.

    We do not collect any information about our visitor’s email or referring domain.

    For visitors on our website we collect:

    • The email address and personal information from visitors who post on our website.
    • The email address and personal information from the visitors who communicate with us via email.
    • The email address of those who post in our chat areas.
    • Aggregate (General Tracking) information about pages that users visit on our site.
    • Any information given to us by users that contact us via inquiry form, survey, etc.

    The information that we collect is used for:

    • Internal review, tracking, or contacting and is then archived for future reference.
    • Improving the quality of our website content and user friendliness for a better user experience.
    • Not Shared with any outside organization for commercial purposes. We may still share this information for tracking and other non-commercial purposes.

    We may use a standard technology called a cookie for the following purposes.

    • Recording Session information for shopping cart or other purposes.
    • Store visitor preferences for return visits to our website.
    • Helping manage subscriptions or private areas on our website.
    • Record user specific tracking or aggregate tracking information of visitors on our website.
    • Alert visitors to our live help console, or offering live help to website visitors.

    If you are currently receiving a newsletter or emails from us and would like to stop receiving them, please notify us by contacting us by email, at the above address.

    We do not partner or use any 3rd party ad services or content delivering services.

    With respect to security, we use industry standard encryption technologies, when transferring and receiving data from visitors on our website.

    With respect to sensitive information, we will redirect the user to a secure page either on our site, or to a trusted 3rd party site before transferring or receiving sensitive data. This information may include credit card or banking information, medical information, or other sensitive information.

    For questions regarding our privacy policy or website in general, contact us through phone, email or snail mail, on the above listed addresses.

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